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Controlling , dosing, mixing and data administration

Our system MULTDOS represents a modular control-, dosing -, mixing- and data administration package, which was developed particularly for a rational concrete production. It means modular that from the base package to the maximum configuration different intermediate stages can be implemented. The principal item of the system is a PTB certified PLC control type Simatic. Process operation and planning are executed on Microsoft Windows software packages, which enable a simple connection or data transfer to other vendors systems. As Low Cost version the control is available in a non PTB certified execution (for e.g. pre-casting plants, export purposes, etc.). Of course the system can be executed also multilingual (in several languages), with appropriate special characters.

  Process control system

The process control system is directly connected with the control and displays all substantial and important data on-line in the process mask. The system is equipped with an IBM-compatible PC and a Windows operating system. Additional in or edit masks e.g. process chart, load planning, mixing formulas, component/silo table, component parameter, balance parameter, mixer parameter, etc. are in the system implemented.


Process control screen
    Data manager (planning)

The data manager essentially consists of an IBM-compatible PC with colour monitor and keyboard/mouse operation. In the system masks for data inputs (customer, job-sites, dealers, mixing formulas, etc.), orders, daily planning, statistics and delivery note rework are contained. The system is attached as additional work station (multi work station version). It is insignificant whether this system is attached over a network, e.g. a LAN or decentralised over phone line to the process control system. With a decentralised solution one also can speak of a central planning, where several systems (process control systems) can be attached too. By installing the planning software packages on the process control system only one workstation solution can be created.

Recipe screen  
bulletPTB certified
bulletMultilingual (all languages)
bulletMore workstation able
bulletPLC base
bulletModular structure
bulletIndustrial hard and software
(Siemens, Microsoft)
bulletVarious user interfaces
bulletRemote diagnostics
bulletMany Years spare part support
  Scale displays

For the connection and the analysis of the scales installed in the plant, self-sufficient, microprocessor-controlled scale electronics with digital displays are available from the control system. Alternatively also analogous scale electronics with or without analogous displays can be inserted. The weight values will be transferred constantly on-line to the PLC system Simatic. Even in case of failure of the PLC the system can be continued using manual operation.

Please request our detailed system description. It would make
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