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We supply the complete accessories for Batching- and Continuous- Mixingplants. From the mixer to the controlsystem and pertinment enviromental and recycling plants.



Control Systems

bulletMULTIDOS 2000 for batching dosing-and mixing plants
bulletCONTIDOS 2000 for continuous dosing- and mixingplants


Weighing Systems

bulletWeight per unit area scales


Dosing Equipment

bulletDosing flaps
bulletDosing screw conveyor
bulletDosing pumps
bulletDosing valves


PLC and power control for

bulletConveyor systems
bulletFeeding plants
bulletDosing- and batching plants
bulletMixing plants


Measuring Systems

bulletMoisture measuring
bulletFilling level monitoring
bulletLiquid flow meter
bulletTemperature measuring


Environmental Systems


Residual concrete Recycling


Dust collector



bulletTwin shaft batch mixer
bulletContinuos mixer



bulletCAD for Electro-technology



Tailor-made solutions and special designed plants.

We engineer, design and develop together with you for your requirements a tailor-made solution. Try us. We are there for you.


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