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Our future-oriented hopper scale program type BW is a universal, durable, absolutely wear and maintenance-free scale program. It was developed for particularly industrial applications. The special structure with only one load cell is unbeatable in relation to all well-known conventional systems.

weighing ability                                                  5  - 2.500 kg

hopper volume                                                  5 -   2.500 litre

The scales are available as non PTB certified as well as PTB certified weighing systems (building material calibration class IIII). Our standard supply of frameworks and hopper-shapes essentially takes the complete industrial off requirement. Of course also special designs are available.

Water- / chemical additive scale
600 kg / 30 kg

bulletNo moving parts, therefore absolutely wear and maintenance-free
bulletNo special elements
bulletNo self-dynamics, thereby extremely short damping time
bulletComplete factory pre-assembled and pre-adjusted
bulletSimple and economical installation
bulletUse of only one load cell
bulletFull load cell protection
bulletSimple tare compensation
chemical additive scale with dosing lances
and spraying system
Liquid scales

Liquid scales essentially differ from solid-bulk scales by the version of the hoppers and the hopper discharge.
In order to achieve an optimum space/volume use relation, the hoppers are rectangular or squarely designed. As a standard the hoppers are in painted standard steel (water) and in stainless steel (additive) available. Galvanised versions are when desired likewise available. In the case of a lacquer finish the hopper is prime and top coated at the outside with normal lacquer in customer's request colour and provided inside with a special coating (as used in the shipbuilding industry).
As discharge valves we use for all liquids suitable plate- or ball valves worked world-wide. The advantage of these valves are the use of standard parts, which are very easy replaceable and are easy to clean. Of course when desired also butterfly valves or the like can be used. For cleaning purposes spraying systems are available for e.g. clear water.

In addition also dosing organs know e.g. oblique-seated valves (for clear or warm water), butterfly valves (for recycling water) or also dosing pumps (for chemical additives) can be supplied. As special feature our special dosing lances with non return valve and flow limiter are worth mentioning in the area of the chemical additives scales.


Please inquire us. We would be pleased to prepare a detailed offer.

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